Why Papağan Kuruyemiş?

The foundation of success of Papagan Kuruyemis is to provide quality, fresh, healthy, and consumer focused products, as a brand providing services in the food industry in which responsibility is high. The responsibility of the Firm starts at the harvest phase of the agricultural products to be used dried nuts and fruits. First class harvest will be provided from the farmer and supplier.

Chemical reviews of the products are conducted and extracted and processed with the latest methods at the plants of Papagan Kuruyemis. All process is continued with the assistance of the experts and the microbiology labs with the detailed devices and methods. The products are subjected to the analyses with a hard control mechanism at each phase of the production of the products.

Why Papağan Kuruyemiş?

The products prepared carefully and untouched by humans are sent to the sales points at four sides of Turkey. As per the rules of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, the expiry date of the dried fruits and nuts packages is to be one year. However, Papagan Kuruyemis uses 6-month for some products and 3-month for others, ensuring consumption of the products in the shortest periods.

Focusing on the customer satisfaction, Papagan Kuruyemis making the products and designs as per the needs and expectations of the market continues to become the first preference of the consumers with the cited properties and technology-focused production.

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