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The most innovative dried nut and fruit brand in Turkey: “Papagan Kuruyemis”

The age of healthy snacks start with our brand providing the unique tastes at the freshness of the very first day…

Neden Papagan Kuruyemiş?
Why Papağan Kuruyemiş?

The foundation of our success is to provide with the quality, fresh, healthy and consumer focused products as per the expectations of the customers.

İlk Gün Tazeliğinde
With the freshness of the very first day

With our sipped keeper bag technology, you may enjoy our dried nuts and fruits preserving their freshness of the first day and beauty after opening, with mind at peace.

Sağlıklı Atıştırmalık
Healthy Snacks

We ensure you consume more healthy products with the motto of “healthy snack” first in any one of our kinds in order to change all your dried fruit and nut consumption habits.

Doğal Lezzetler
Natural Tastes

We package the dried nuts and fruits we obtained at natural production conditions in natural and hygienic conditions, and we aim at your tastes with our packages having the keeper zipped bag technology to protect the freshness of the dried nuts and fruits inside.

Have you listened to our new jingle?

Papagan Dried Nut and Fruit Family has been renewed…

With our new package design we wanted to emphasize “Healthy Snack”. In order to ensure that, we considered the sunlight detail in the shootings and used special light settings in illumination. We used wooden spoon, straw weaving, wood cutting board, wood pieces etc. in the photo shootings of the products to invite you to the world of production-harvest-farm world, in order to include you in that world. We placed field and far silhouettes on the packages to emphasize the freshness and naturality as the brand identity and the most important features of the products.

Papagan Dried Nut and Fruit Family has been renewed…